December 20 2022

Earlier this year, the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) introduced the Workplace Facilitated Discussion Initiative to progress and promote successful return to work for Injured Workers in New South Wales.

The initiative involves two stages. Firstly, individual meetings to gain insights about barriers to progress. Secondly, a group meeting to bring together involved parties to identify practical solutions and reach mutual agreement on an action plan. In addition to the worker, the parties involved may include a support person, the employer, doctor and treating professionals.

There are new billing codes and a document template utilised for the Workplace Facilitated Discussion Initiative.

The Word Template – NSW SIRA Workplace facilitated discussion action plan, can be updated with merge fields and added to your Case Manager database. Please visit our Case Manager Learning Site for details on how to use word templates here.

You can also add the new billing codes to your Case Manager database.
See here for details regarding Charge Codes and here for Activities.

Read more about the NSW SIRA Workplace Facilitated Discussion Initiative, see here.

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