March 15 2024

 A High severity (or Sev 1) issue is defined as the complete inability to access Case Manager, or any of its core functionality and features that are business critical. This would mean Case Manager has stopped working for all users from an organisation with no workaround available. It is highly recommended that for Severity 1 issues only, users include ‘SEV 1’ in the Subject line on the Support Portal or Support email when logging a ticket. Our support team will treat severity 1 tickets with the highest priority. You may also wish to follow-up by contacting the Chameleon General Support Line via +61 2 8007 2941.

At Chameleon Software, we categorise each ticket or phone call into one of 4 severity levels which dictates its priority. These are defined below:

Severity 1Mission CriticalCritical Business Impact
All activity stopped for ALL Case Manager users.–          Customers are completely unable to access Case Manager, which is central to all business operations. Case Manager has stopped working for all users with no workaround available.
Severity 2SevereSignificant Business Impact
Major feature failure for all Case Manager users OR all Case Manager activity stopped for one user.–          There is a major problem with a critical component of Case Manager. There may be a workaround for this OR it may affect only some users. For example, the Web platform may still be accessible while the Desktop version is inaccessible.-          This behaviour might have created a significant impact on the customer’s ability to use Case Manager to conduct normal business i.e. work can be done but not at full capacity.-          This also includes a Sole Consultant’s complete inability to work and installation errors.
Severity 3MinorSome Business Impact
Minor feature or component failure (or multiple minor features) – Case Manager components such as reports, invoicing or important features are not working as intended. Or an important feature is affecting multiple users.–          It’s possible a workaround is available that allows the user/s to continue to use the feature OR the feature is one that is not business critical and doesn’t require immediate attention.-          Security or Cyber-related queries and information sheets
Severity 4MinimalMinimal Business Impact
Minor feature or component affecting only one user, or a general request.–          Request for assistance, How-To’s, documentation or training requests-          General product information or feature questions-          Product Enhancements or Feature Requests

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