November 20 2023

Previous versions of Case Manager required the User to have Windows Administrator privileges in order to launch the VPN Utility. 

Users were typically presented with the Windows UAC prompt (pictured below) which authorises the VPN Utility prior to starting Case Manager:

To improve security, from Case Manager v6.3 onwards, and should your organisation prefer, consultants can run Case Manager (and subsequently, the VPN Utility) as a Windows Standard User. To facilitate this, the UAC prompt has been removed as a requirement for the VPN Utility.

The Internal IT System Administrator will need to authorise the VPN Utility for the first time (only)  it is used as part of new Case Manager installations.

When upgrading to Case Manager Version 6.3, our Product and Support Teams will work with your organisation to determine the most suitable VPN Utility configuration to meet your needs.

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